Unity No. 55 AFM

Apple iPhone

From the Home screen, click Settings.
Click Mail, Contacts, and Calendars.
Click Add Account....
Click Other.
Click Add Subscribed Calendar.
In the Server field, enter your published Calendar URL.
Click Next.
Click Save.

Your Done!

Microsoft Outlook 2007

From Tools, select Account Settings.
Go to Internet Calendars, and then click New.
Enter your published Calendar URL, and then click Add.

Apple Calendar

Launch Calendar.
From the File menu, select New Calendar Subscription.
Enter your Calendar shared URL in the Calendar URL field, and then click Subscribe.
Complete the following fields, and then click OK:

Field What to do...
Name Enter the name you want to use for this calendar in your Calendar application.
Subscribed to: Put your Calendar shared URL in this field.
Location Select where you want to save this calendar's data. If you use iCloud, I recommend selecting that. 

Remove Select if you'd like to remove this calendar's Alerts and Attachments. You might want to do this if you have default alerts set up or don't want to permanently store your events' attachments on your hard drive.
Auto-refresh Select the frequency with which you'd like to refresh this calendar. I suggest Every hour.
Ignore Alerts Select this option if you want the alerts to come through the subscribed calendar but suppress them.

Your Done!

Sharing your Calendar with iCloud will save its information to your iCloud account, which will also synchronize its information to all of your devices using your iCloud account. If you want to remove this Calendar from any of these devices, you'll need to do so through icloud.com.

Google Calendar and Android Devices

From Other Calendars, click Add, and then Add by URL.
In the URL field, enter the published Calendar URL.
Click Add Calendar.

Your Done!

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